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Dr. Norm Lownds, Michigan 4H Children's Garden (
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The 4-H Children's Garden is one of the 5 parts of the Horticultural Demonstration Gardens. It is just over 1/2 acre in size. It is a special garden where plants and children and imaginations grow. 4-H is the youth component of Michigan State University Extension. Extension, or public outreach programs, is one of the three parts of the MSU land-grant mission. The other two are teaching and research.

The H's stand for Head, Heart, Hands and Health... the whole person. 4-H is the largest out of school program in the state and nation. The clover is our logo. Our motto is "Make The Best Better," and our philosophy is "Learning by Doing."

The Comm Tech Lab is an association of seven MSU faculty members: Darcy Drew Greene from the School of Journalism, Carrie Heeter, Brian Winn, and Ethan Watrall from the Department of Telecommunication, Norm Lownds from the Department of Horticulture, Punya Mishra from the College of Education and Jim Anthony from the Department of Epidemiology.

Wonder Walls credits:

Carrie Heeter, Professor of Digital Media Design, Michigan State University
Norm Lownds, Associate Professor of Horticulture and Curator of the Michigan 4H Children's Garden, Michigan State University
Ben Rhodes, New Media Artist and Flash Programmer, Michigan State University
Adam Young, Programmer and Student Employee, MSU

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