Wonder Wall Features

Members can...

  • Write : Post text Questions and Comments wherever they want on the Wonder Wall.
  • Draw : Draw and post tiny drawings when words just aren't enough.
  • Pick : Post an image chosen from the image library.
  • Upload images : Upload and post photographs and drawings from your computer.
  • Chat : Live chat with other members and moderators in your Wonder Wall.
  • Collide (thunderbolts!) : Everyone logged in to the Wonder Wall is represented by a lightning bolt cursor. When two lightning bolts touch, both people hear thunder.
  • Impersonate : When they enter a Wonder Wall, members choose their name from the member list. For fun, some moderators add famous or imaginary names with the rule that impersonation quotes need to be in character.

Moderators can...

  • Answer : Moderators can respond to all Wonder Wall posts. Answered posts are tagged with an "A" Clicking on the a opens the answer, which can be viewed by everyone.
  • Publish : Print Wonder Walls or export all Wonder Wall posts to a single PDF document.
  • Broadcast Audio : Click the Voice button to stream audio from your computer microphone to everyone logged in to your Wonder Wall.
  • Delete and Move posts : Moderators have full access to manage posts on the Wonder Wall.
  • Receive email notifications of new posts : Optionally, to facilitate rapid answers, moderators can elect to receive an email each time someone creates a new post.

Licensed Administrators can...

  • Create Programs and Groups : The Wonder Wall manager system lets you structure and manage your Wonder Wall account, including creating programs and groups.
  • Add Managers : Administrators can add other managers to help manage their entire account or a single group within that account.
  • Add Wonder Walls, Members, and Moderators : Add as many Wonder Walls, members and moderators as you'd like. The only limitation is the number of simultaneous connected users to all Wonder Walls in under your Account.

Everyone can...

  • Wonder
  • Connect
  • Enjoy
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Wonder Wall Features
Wonder Wall Licensing Information
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