Licensing Information

What is a Wonder Wall License?

When organizations purchase a Wonder Wall license, a Wonder Wall Account is created for the organization. Each organization's account is given a unique login URL, such as

Wonder Wall moderators (teachers, scientists, and curators) and members (students or club members) log in to that address.

Wonder Walls, moderators, and members are organized into groups, which are organized into programs. Here is an example structure of the Wonder Wall account for the Michigan 4H Children's Garden.
Account Example Chart

Organizations who have purchased a license can create as many programs and groups as they wish, but they cannot exceed the limit of how many members and moderators can be logged in at the same time.

Creation and management of programs, groups, wonder walls, members, and moderators is supported by the Wonder Wall Manager system. A licensed organization has their own manager account.

License Cost

Wonder Wall licenses can be purchased in 12 month increments. The minimum license is for 50 participants to be logged in to Wonder Walls at the same time, known as "simultaneous logins". 

More Information

Contact Dr. Norm Lownds at: or by phone at: 517-355-5191 ext. 1-349.
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